Trail damage

Updated 3/4/18

On 2nd February 2018 some damage occurred to the Great Taste Trail Coastal Route. This damage was as a result of an extreme tidal surge caused by a very high tide combined with high winds. The damage is contained to two main areas, in places where the coastal trail was at sea level. We have updated our itinerary descriptions to include any impact of trail closures. The Great Taste Trail Rail Route has not been affected.

The map below shows two closures on the Coastal Route, between Stoke (near Nelson Airport) and Mapua.

Trail closures:
1. The closure of the Coastal Route from a location near Eddyline Brewery to Landsdowne Rd: repairs are underway and some new boardwalks have been constructed. There is one more boardwalk awaiting repairs. The detour for this second boardwalk section involves riding on a busy highway. The highway section is approximately 1.5km long and there is a narrow shoulder on one side of the road only. We will transport any multi-day cyclists who are affected by this closure.
2. Coastal Route, Rabbit Island. Safe alternative route using quiet roads are available. The closed section is approximately 2km of trail.
3. Coastal Route, Ruby Bay. Approx 1km of trail is closed. A safe detour on quiet streets is available.

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