Great Taste Trail Construction News

The Nelson Tasman Cycle Trail Trust is responsible for the construction of the Great Taste Trail. This group of mostly voluntary members have done an amazing job to date, selecting the route, working with land-owners and council, designing the trail details and managing construction. The next planned section will be an extension of the Rail Route beyond Wakefield. At present, there is a completed section of trail beyond Wakefield (the Spooners Tunnel section) but it is not connected to the main trail at Wakefield. This means that to reach it, you need to cycle on the State Highway for 4.5km.

The connection from Wakefield, and a new piece of trail beyond the tunnel to Kohatu, are scheduled for completion by September 2018.

This is the situation as of April 2018:

– Wakefield to Wai-iti Domain 4.5km via state highway with a small shoulder
– Wai-iti Domain to Belgrove 4.5km via Great Taste Trail
– Belgrove to Spooners Tunnel 10.8km  via Great Taste Trail
– Spooners Tunnel to Norris Gully Recreation Area 3.2km  via Great Taste Trail

The tunnel is 1.5km long. It is not lit and good lights are required.

We look forward to the next section being completed next year. Thanks Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust!