Simple pleasures on the Great Taste Trail

Sometimes it is the ordinary people doing extraordinary things that create the strongest memories while travelling and this is certainly true on the Great Taste Trail. People with passion, doing unlikely or refreshingly simple things, can lift our spirits in ways that we may not expect.


It may just be coming upon some flowers or fruit on the side of the road, where the handwritten sign is all that is needed to tell the story. At other times it may be a more long-term project, as it is for the owners of Ellis St Auto Repairs in Brightwater. This family-owned business is an auto repair shop, but the fuel memorabilia and collection of scales on display are something of a passion project too. This garage is located in the centre of Brightwater village on the Great Taste Trail Rail Route.











Somerset Farm Settlers Cottage is another passion project. This privately-owned 150 year old cottage has been lovingly restored and is now a static museum. The building is cob with a thatched roof and it is furnished in the Victorian style. The children’s bedroom in the loft is a real delight. The house has pretty cottage gardens and visitors are encouraged to leave a donation at the gate to help the owners develop the museum. The settlers cottage is located in the Moutere area and can be visited part of our Art & Food itinerary.

The Motueka District Museum is another site on the trail which benefits from the passion of those involved in it’s displays. This is a museum in the old style, without any of the bells and whistles of contemporary places. It houses some displays about the history of the hop and tobacco industry and a beautiful display of a 1940’s-style kitchen. The museum is situated in the main street of the town.