Spooners Tunnel Update

A new section of off-road trail, from Wakefield to Kohatu, is due to be fully completed for summer 2018/2019. This section of the Great Taste Trail Rail Route passes through the Spooners Tunnel.

Yellow section: Wakefield to Belgrove: 9.5 km
Orange section: Belgrove to Norris Gully carpark: 8 km
Red section: Norris Gully carpark to Kohatu: 7 km

The route from Wakefield to Belgrove is easy riding and virtually flat. From Belgrove to the tunnel entrance, expect a slow steady climb. The dis-used rail tunnel is 1.4 km long and is TOTALLY DARK so lights are essential. The Norris Gully carpark is located next to the state highway at the southern end of the tunnel. From here is is an easy ride through to Kohatu where the off-road trail ends.

The easiest way to add the Spooners Tunnel to one of our itineraries, is to choose one which includes a night in Wakefield.

July 2018